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Alone/Together Premiere Screening: Liza and Enrique in Dubai

First of all, I would like to thank ABS-CBN Middle East and Gulf Films for making this event possible.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Dubai press conference and premiere screening of Alone/Together, which stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil, last February 22, 2019.


During the press conference of Alone/Together, I was given a chance to ask the stars and the director one question regarding the movie.

Adie: Did you have a hard time characterizing your characters considering the big jump of maturity from your previous movies?

Liza: I kind of found it difficult at first nung binabasa ko pa lang yung script but going to U.P. and immersing and also the workshops really helped and the constant reminders of Direk also helped me. When I first got the script I was scared because I’m portraying a character a lot older than I am and I was really focusing on how I can make this character different from my previous, which was Cali in My Ex and Whys.

Enrique: It was also hard for me. Usually mga first few days, minsan mga weeks pa, kinakapa mo pa but it helped a lot when we did the script reading. I got more comfortable compared to other movies we’ve done kasi usually we just do it on the set, pero dito may time talaga kaming magprepare so I kinda got to hold in the character easier than the previous movies.


College sweethearts Christine and Raf meet again for the first time, eight years after their breakup. Christine, who once was an over-achieving art student, has become a failure while Raf, a guy nobody thought would be a great man, is now an esteemed doctor to the barrios. As both now live a life different from each other, their reunion takes them back to their youth and the dreams they shared back in the day. From then on, familiar feelings start to resurface and they find themselves falling in love with each other again. Will they both be willing to risk what they currently have just to feel the bliss of being young again?


Right after the press conference from the Reel Cinema Platinum Suites, we were escorted to the cinema screen where the meet and greet with the stars and the movie proper were held.

When Liza and Enrique entered the cinema, the crowd went wild with their excitements. There were games wherein a few fans were able to play with Liza and Enrique.

The group meet and greet happened right after the games. I was able to have a group picture with them. I should be excited, right? BUT I WASN’T LOOKING AT THE CAMERA!

What I Like About Alone/Together

Liza and Enrique’s Maturity
– I’ve seen all 3 movies that Liza and Enrique did together but the difference between all three and this one? Maturiry. In Alone/Together, we saw both of them portraying characters that are way too far from their actual lives. I love that they were able to portray them in a way we can really see that it was not them talking, but the character themselves.

– The concept of university love is really one for the books. I have yet to experience it but I know that someone out there heavily relates to this.

– Admit it, we all focused on Liza’s fashionable clothes from this movie. The styling team did a really great job! My favorite outfit she pulled was probably the ending scene!

Overall, I think this movie is one of the best films they had produced. I loved it and enjoyed it so much!

Rating: 9/10

Anyhoo, here are some photos I captured during the Press Conference and Premiere Screening!

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