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Alone/Together Premiere Screening: Liza and Enrique in Dubai

During the press conference of Alone/Together, I was given a chance to ask the stars and the director one question regarding the movie.

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Movie Review | Miss Granny

First of all, I would like to thank Front Row Filmed Entertainment for inviting me to the Dubai Premiere Screening of Miss Granny last August 28, 2018!

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Movie Review | Ocean’s 8 // Spoiler-Free

I would like to thank Dolby Cinema and Reel Cinemas for the premiere screening invites of Ocean’s 8.

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Stories I Ate // April

I decided to make a new series on my blog. It is heavily inspired by Christine Riccio's Booktube. In this series, I will be talking about books, movies, and tv shows I've read and watched for the whole month. It's basically the same concept as the monthly wrap-ups but this one has a wider variety with the movies and tv shows!

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Movie Review | Every Day // Spoiler-Free

Every Day is based on David Levithan’s novel of the same name. It is about A, a mysterious spirits who wakes up in a new body every single day. Never the same person twice. It is about A’s journey as he travel from one body to another.

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Book & Movie Review | Murder on the Orient Express | Spoiler-Free

My friends and I were invited to the premiere screening of Murder on the Orient Express and I summarized it on this blog post! I also added a book review as an extra 🙂