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Book Review | A Century Divided by Silvia Hildebrandt

A Century Divided


Boy meets boy in 1920s New York City. But can they survive the challenges of an intolerant era? 

The forbidden love between Caleb and Tristan throws them in a tornado of heartbreak and loss — nevertheless they find each other repeatedly as the disasters of the century unfold.

In the Roaring Twenties young farmer’s son Caleb Milton flees his hometown and comes to New York City where he meets the flamboyant salesman Tristan Somersmoore. They begin a passionate affair, but as time goes by, their long-term off-and-on relationship is under constant threat. The judgment of society, their own sexual insecurities and the crashing waves of history make it nearly impossible to find happiness. As they experience the Great Depression, the trauma of the Second World War, and the Cold War era, can Caleb and Tristan finally find a place for their love?


A Century Divided is a book that will make you feel like you’re riding a roller coaster. A roller coaster of emotions for every significant life-changing moments that happens to the characters.

A Century Divided focuses on our main character, Caleb Milton, who once lived in Oklahoma and left his home to make a life in New York City, the City of Dreams. It tackles Caleb’s roaring love story in the early twenties and his haunting past.

A Century Divided is a story of a lifetime. A story of a centenary love story.

The Writing Style:

I think Hildebrandt’s writing style is unique in a good way, there were certain distinctions on the earlier chapters of the books. Being able to portray Caleb’s past and present at the same is indeed captivating.

The Plot:

Being able to witness a whole century is an amazing opportunity. By reading A Century Divided, I was able to experience the whole 19th century in a way. As I’ve mentioned from the past, one of my favorite stories to read are Historical Fiction. Being able to witness the World War II from another point of view is another opportunity to learn more about our history.

The Characters:

One of the best things about this book is all the characters. They are all relatable in a way you wouldn’t expect, and everything is just very realistic.

If you love Historical-Romance Fiction, this book is for you. If you would love to know more about history, this book is for you. A Century Divided is utterly gripping and a book that will be remembered



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