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Movie Review | Miss Granny


First of all, I would like to thank Front Row Filmed Entertainment for inviting me to the Dubai Premiere Screening of Miss Granny last August 28, 2018!


It’s very rare of me to post a review of a Filipino movie on my blog. I think this is actually the first time I’m doing this. I love sharing movies that are close to my heart, or a movie that touched me in a way, in Filipino: nakaka-antig ng puso, and I think Miss Granny did that.




The Plot

The Filipino version of Miss Granny is almost identical to the original version, the Korean version. I watched the original before I got into the Filipino version, and I could say that the Filipino version is way more better than the original. I know, I know, It’s very rare for a remake to top the original but this one has the relatable factor I’ve been looking for. It may be because it’s in our native language that makes it more relatable, or maybe it’s just very touching!


The Cast

What I really loved in this movie is the set of their cast! I think everyone is fit for their role, and they all made it seem very remarkable.

Let’s talk about Sarah Geronimo! Growing up Filipino and growing up in the Philippines, you would surely be familiar of Sarah Geronimo, and how big she is in the movie industry. For sure, most of us had already seen at least 2 Sarah G movies from the past. I  think Miss Granny is one of Sarah Geronimo’s most outstanding character. It’s something in the way she performed in the movie. She owned it. She owned Fely Malabano and somehow turned it to Odrey De Leon and I loved her for that. Nilamon niya yung character!

There’s also something about Nova Villa. I was never really familiar from Nova Villa before. She’s that artista na I always see on TV but I never watched on film. Her portrayal of Fely Malabano is exceptional.

Sarah Geronimo and Nova Villa were the perfect tandem in this film. They rocked it!


The Soundtrack

To capture the theme and mood of the movie, the musical scoring and the soundtrack must be close to perfect. Miss Granny’s scoring is just as perfect. The songs featured in the film suits the story very well!


Final Thoughts

Miss Granny made ma laugh, made me cry, and most importantly, it made me realize things. I saw this quote from viva_films’ IG page and hit me: “We are busy growing up, We forget they are also growing old”. Appreciate and Love your Lolos and Lolas a litte more than what we do right now.





Miss Granny plays in UAE cinemas on August 30!


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