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Movie Review | Ocean’s 8 // Spoiler-Free


Before anything else, I would like to thank Dolby Cinema and Reel Cinemas for the premiere screening invites of Ocean’s 8.

Premiere Screening of Ocean’s 8 at Reel Cinemas, Dubai Marina Mall
Premiere Screening of Ocean’s 8 at Reel Cinemas, Dubai Marina Mall


Heist stories? Heck yeah, count me in!

Honestly, I loved this movie more than the original Ocean trilogy. There was a lot of buzz going around this movie, saying it will be a flop, it won’t be as good as the other, or even just another Ghostbusters flop, but I’m telling you, OCEAN’S 8 IS NOT A FLOP.

I think I liked this movie more than the others because of the mood it revolves in and the generation it was brought up to. The heist revolved around the MET GALA event, wherein everyone is as interested about it, so that’s a plus point!


I personally love movies with star-studded casts because of the vibes it gives to the movie. Most of the movies with star-studded casts are usually a ‘flop’, but this one did not disappoint! Anne Hathaway? Rihanna? Sandra Bullock? Count me in!

As the movie paces, there were a lot of real-life celebrities who were a part of the movie and I am so shook. I wasn’t expecting those people to appear in the movie at all. Some of the casts from the old trilogy were a part of Ocean’s 8 too, and they played an important role!


I loved all of the songs featured in this movie, they were all fit for the scenes.


To sum it all up, I think Ocean’s 8 didn’t disappoint and it lived up to my expectations. I wouldn’t consider it as a flop because it is incredibly good!





5 thoughts on “Movie Review | Ocean’s 8 // Spoiler-Free”

  1. Well, just goes to show that difference of opinion are an amazing part of this world! 😂 I hated this movie. I wished there was more of a thrill to it. More of a feeling that they could get caught… It was just. A little flat and boring. I loved the cast! They’re all amazing! But, it felt like one of those movies that they got a bunch of big names and didn’t put much effort into the rest because they thought the names would do the work bringing people in (which worked!) 🍻


  2. This movie is on my must see list. Somehow I haven’t managed to make it to the theater yet with so many summer activities in the midst. After reading I think I will make this tomorrow’s to do list! I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing.


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