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Stories I Ate // April

Hello Everyone,

I decided to make a new series on my blog. It is heavily inspired by Christine Riccio’s Booktube. In this series, I will be talking about books, movies, and tv shows I’ve read and watched for the whole month. It’s basically the same concept as the monthly wrap-ups but this one has a wider variety with the movies and tv shows!


Every Beast Needs A Beauty

Author: Jonaxx (Jonah Mae Pacala)

I’ve been meaning to get a copy of this book for a few years now. No exaggerations but yes, it was indeed years. I am more of a physical book reader than I am fond of reading ebooks, so when it came to this book, I decided to wait for the time when I’ll be able to acquire a physical copy. I recently got it from a friend and I started reading it right away.

I always get the ‘kilig’ feelings from Jonaxx’s books and this one got it too! I loved the characters in this book, Sunny and Rage! The cover and the pin-up illustration is also to die for and it is phenomenally perfect!

Rating: 4.5/5

Without Merit 

Author: Colleen Hoover

Without Merit is the story of the main character, Merit. I think Without Merit is very diverse because it tackled a very sensitive topic, which is depression. I loved the portrayal and the descriptions about the topic, It makes us aware of what may run through someone’s head.

As per Colleen’s other books, Without Merit is uniquely different because of the portrayal itself and the age bracket of the main character, in her teenage years. The teenage year concept makes it much more relatable. Sometimes depression is invisible, one cannot see it through the eyes.

Rating: 4.3/5

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Author: J.K. Rowling

I was out of school when I started reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I didn’t attend any of my classes due to my arm injury. I had a lot of time for reading so I contributed most of it into reading Harry Potter 6.

In my opinion, there were not much events in the 6th book of this series. The way I see it, It’s like a window to the important details of the next book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I had a hard time accepting the latter part of the book. It’s just too much!

Rating: 4.5/5


Author : S. Jae-Jones

I started reading Wintersong a few months ago while I was in a reading slump. On the month of April, I decided to pick it up again and I finished it right away.

I learned a lot of music related things from this book, and I also understood some of the references such as song compositions from Antonio Vivaldi, and more.

Rating : 4/5

Call Me By Your Name

Author: Andre Aciman

WE NEED MORE DIVERSE BOOKS. Andre Aciman’s writing is marvelous! The voice of the main character is felt through and through.

Call Me By Your Name is a coming of age novel and the romance in this book is very diverse.

I think it is a perfect summer read, and it is also a perfect first love and a heartbreak story. I am mourning.

Rating : 5/5

Maybe Forever

Authors: Kimberly Villanueva, Louisse Carreon, Ciara Garcia

I read Maybe Forever as a breath catcher right after reading Call Me By Your Name. CMBYN had a big impact and I needed a few light books before starting another heavy book.

That was when I decided to read Maybe Forever. It is a very thin book and also a short one, it’s less than 200 pages.

I wasnt fully impressed with the whole concept of the book. It was divided into two parts, two different concepts. I wasn’t totally buying the idea of it and the ending never satisfied me. I’m sorry.

Rating: 1.7/5


Never Not Love You

Starring: James Reid & Nadine Lustre

I would like to thank Front Row Filmed Entertainment for giving me the opportunity to be one of the few people to watch this movie before it hits the regular screenings in the UAE.

This movie is one for the books! I’d definitely remember this all along. Hands down to James and Nadine’s portrayal of the characters. You can feel the intensity of their relationship through Gio and Joanne.

As Nadine had said it: “parang roller coaster”. It was definitely a roller coaster ride. I was laughing and then I got the feels and then suddenly I was crying! All the emotions in one!

To sum it all up: Never Not Love You is a great movie and definitely a must watch.

Rating: 4.2/5


Annihilation is based from a bestselling novel of the same name written by Jeff VanderMeer. It is a thriller/fantasy movie that features amazing actors and actresses.

I loved the characters of Natalie Portman and Gina Rodriguez (from Jane the Virgin).

I thought it was a unique concept and totally did not disappoint. Outstandingly amazing. I need a sequel!

Rating: 4/5

The Babysitter

What would happen if you bring great actors together? Great movie. What would happen if you bring great actors together with a bad script and a bad storyline? The Babysitter.

The Babysitter is a comedy/horror movie distributed by Netflix. Great cast but weird story. Everything happened without a thrill. It’s just there right in front of you and I had no reactions through out the movie. It’s also pretty short (1h25m) and it would’ve been better if it weren’t for the cliche-ish story. Bye, Felicia.

Rating : 2/5


Money Heist – Part 1 & 2

While I was scrolling through my netflix recommendations, I stumbled upon Money Heist. I had no idea what the story was about and I had no intentions of giving all of my attention.

The moment I finished the first episode was when the realization hit me. I needed more. I wasnt expecting it too be this good. The original language is in Spanish but you can watch it with a subtitle or change the audio to English, but hey, the original language is way more better.

I fell in love with the characters and the plot. The alias names of the characters are based from city names around the world and my favorite character is definitely Nairobi and Tokyo.

I finished Part 1 within a day, and I also finished Part 2 right after the release. Every episode has that ‘i-need-more-of-this’ vibes that would really make you do it.

Rating: 5/5

Riverdale – Season 1

OH MY GOD. My heart is shaking 😂 I loved every aspect of the aesthetics in this show, the neon lights and all.

I think it was a great concept to make another story out of a comic book. The beloved characters from Archie’s comics are brought to life by amazing people and totally did not disappoint.

The mystery-crime plot is great. Would I continue watching? Yes, for sure.

Rating : 4/5


Another one on my new favorite tv shows. I know that I’m very late to this show and I missed out on a lot but this show is superbly amazing. I would consider myself a new fan of this show. It’s been more than 20 years since the first episode of the show but everything about it feels new.I adored all of the characters and they are all funny! I couldnt help myself from laughing at certain parts.

Rating: 5/5


Re:Mind is a japanese web television series released on Netflix. The genre of the show is mystery.

The story focuses on reminding the characters something that happened from the past and to let them reflect on them.

The plot was very good but the show is very short. A runtime of an episode is 20 minutes so you can watch it within one sitting.

The only problem I encountered with this show was the acting. I wasn’t fully convinced with the acting of the actresses.

Rating : 3.8 / 5

That’s all for the ‘Stories I Ate’ for the month of April. I hope you enjoyed this new series on my blog. Thank you for reading!


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