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Movie Review | Every Day // Spoiler-Free

IMG_1834I would like to thank Gulf Film for the Premiere Screening invites last February 19, 2018

Every Day is based on David Levithan’s novel of the same name. It is about A, a mysterious spirit who wakes up in a new body every single day. Never the same person twice. It is about A’s journey as he travels from one body to another.

Premiere Screening of Every Day at Reel Cinemas, Dubai Mall

The Cinematography:

The first thing I would like to consider in this movie is the Cinematography! All of the scenes from the movie has an A+ cinematography. I loved the aesthetic appeal of the movie!

The Plot:

The movie’s storyline is very close to the book, it follows the major plotlines and the major events in the book, although some details were altered for the movie, it still made a great impact to it. The Cast and Characters are definitely an A+. The representation of each character was given a fair justice.

The narrative technique in the movie was inexplicably good. It didn’t give out much detail from the very first part. If I were to see it again without knowing what the story is about, It would’ve been a great opportunity to indulge in this movie. The revealing of details was done part by part and it added a bit more to the suspense of the viewers.

The Negatives:

The only problem I encountered with this movie was the lack of time to explain more. I just thought that the movie was a bit short (1h35m) and it would’ve been better if A got more scenes from the backstory.

Final Thoughts:

What this book and movie taught me: Love is love. Regardless of the looks, the gender, characteristics, and everything else. You don’t look for a person’s outside appearance, We should look for a person’s inner personality and love them for who they are.

If you like something cutesy, funny, or if you simply just want to fall in love, this movie is for YOU.



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